Welcome to TROUT Hydrography,
A western Canadian based company.

TROUT Hydrography was formed by a team of industry specialists who were tired of providing ‘less than the best’ while working for other firms. Having to cut quality for profit makes our skin crawl, we pride ourselves on the best possible data collection for your projects at a fair price.

We put far more value in client relationships than making the most profit on every job. We are here for the long haul and firmly believe that when you love what you do work takes on a whole new outlook!

We provide the best
quality data possible

With regulators constantly altering permitting and environmental requirements for various licencing and permitting processes, it's critical to know you have the right data to back the applications and assessments up. Our goal is to facilitate these projects and teams before issues arise and enable them to focus on their scopes by providing the best quality data possible at the price quoted.

We aren't done until you have what you need
and understand it!


Who We Are

Doug West found his love of white water sports at an early age, joining AB Search & Rescue which led to his expertise in water safety.


What We Do

Our highly skilled and experienced team is focused on sonar and imaging, bringing over 18 years of aquatic experience.