Working With Water Safely

Doug West, the founder of TROUT Hydrographic, has been in love with water since before he can remember. Growing up in the Alberta foothills, he found his love of white water sports at an early age.

At 18, he joined Alberta Search and Rescue as a Swift Water Rescue Specialist which has led to his extensive abilities and understanding of how to work with water safely; understanding in water hazards, developing project specific safe work plans/procedures, and foreseeing technical issues with respect to sensors in shallow and swift water environments.

Diverse Experience

Doug spent much of his early career working for engineering and land surveying firms throughout Western Canada and select oversees projects. From highly technical bridges, runways, and major P3 projects to remote area surveys and resource specific surveys, Doug has provided every level of field surveys. This diverse experience allowed Doug to see the inefficiencies resulting from the "one stop shop" and "full services" firms – while many can do it, few do it well and fewer still are efficient when companies cast such a wide net.

We prefer to be specialists in a specialised field rather than generalists trying to make it work.

A Passion for Safety and Efficiency

Our team of specialised technologists and professionals is just as passionate about not just aquatic work but delivering the highest quality deliverables while building client confidence in our solutions and procedures. Safety is primary but with the right minds at work both safety and efficiency can and are achieved.

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