Bathymetric and Hydrographic
Survey Services

TROUT Hydrography provides bathymetric and hydrographic survey services to engineers, aquatic construction companies, government agencies, and environmental professional clients across Western Canada.

Our highly skilled and experienced team is focused on sonar and imaging, bring over 18 years of aquatic experience. From swift water access to inland and coastal water mapping and projects requiring specific aquatic environment or water course solutions. We do not focus on terrestrial, legal, or typical civil construction surveying. We are hydrographic specialists and stick to what we do best!


TROUT has the experience and knowledge in almost every type of aquatic/water environment and has, as a result, developed workflows and in-depth safe work procedures that enable us to capture the data your project team needs in the most efficient procedure possible. Whether it’s data required for hydrological and engineering assessments, resource development, or a variety of industrial processes, TROUT has the experience, training, and equipment to deliver in the most efficient way, while ensuring our people, our clients, and the environment are protected.

Our tried and tested QA/QC protocols are subject to strict International Hydrographic Organization standards for special order surveys. TROUT implements control processes, and continual improvement efforts, ensuring client deliverables not only comply with, but surpass both national and international hydrographic standards while maintaining client specific parameters.

Expertise and Technology

TROUT both utilizes and develops specialized platforms such as remote controlled and autonomous surface vessels which are utilised to deliver most of our projects. Occasionally however, there is still the need for manned boats and occasionally utilizing specialist swift water entry technicians. With equipment including a range of single beam, multi-beam, and side scan systems paired with high precision GPS or Robotic Total Stations. This allows our specialists to tailor data collection procedures to the type of project and environmental conditions found onsite at the time of survey enabling us to maintain project timelines, costs, and deliverables.

Whether it is for volume determination, existing facilities inspection and mapping, dredging projects, or design projects as part of engineering works, TROUT Hydrography is the one stop for the expertise and technology to a complete hydrographic solution.


  • Bathymetric mapping and geophysical surveys
  • Initial and in-progress surveys for bridge, and aquatic infrastructure projects
  • Volume surveys for storm and industrial ponds/sites
  • Dredging volume reporting
  • Scour investigations / positioning / imaging
  • Pond liner integrity surveys
  • Utility depth of cover surveys
  • In-stream construction asbuilts
  • Target search and positioning surveys
  • Sedimentation accumulation surveys
  • Visual assessments (stationary habitat cameras, sidescan)
  • On-ice operations (river and lake); ice thickness measurements, bathymetry programs, etc.


  • Single Beam Transducers
  • Dual Frequency Transducers
  • Sidescan Imaging
  • Shallow Water, Wide Band Multibeam Systems
  • High Precision Inspection Sonar Systems
  • Remote Operated Vehicle (video and still imaging)
  • Sub-bottom profiler

Efficiency and Mobility

  • Utilizing Remotely Controlled and Autonomous surface vehicles allows for rapid deployment, minimal mobilization time, and full heli-portable systems when compared to traditional manned vessel surveys. No need to motor up or down stream for miles to reach the site, we launch from the banks at your site, and often don’t need to put our staff on the water.

  • Our development of custom proprietary systems, in partnership with industry leaders, gives us access to custom systems that are not for sale to our competition. This allows us to provide enhanced abilities and efficiencies that are simply not possible otherwise.

  • In the rare instance where the project area is beyond the operational abilities of our RC and Autonomous systems, we have jet boats, river boats, and lake boats among other custom solutions which can be utilized to complete the desired scope.

Risk Mitigation and Safety

  • Our custom systems and operations means we only have staff on the water when all other options are unable to be applied. Operations are typically performed from the safety of the banks greatly reducing project risks and procedural reviews/approvals for and from our clients.

  • As Canadian Occupational Health and Safety have minimal standards and regulations around this type of work, TROUT in partnership with specialised safety groups and government agencies, have developed in-depth safety procedures and training for all aquatic environments. This allows us to protect our people, our clients, and mitigate risks associated with aquatic projects. Our team is required to have full certification to operate on ice and in swift water.

Minimizing Cost

TROUT has seen the costs of similar services escalate in recent years. To eliminate these cost escalations while still utilizing leading edge technology TROUT’s use of RC and Autonomous systems, paired with our specialised technologists and hydrographers, minimize staffing and resources requirements to collect high quality project data. When implemented with our industry leading safety training and procedures leads to reduced project costs and timelines saving projects capital wherever possible while never compromising quality.

Contact us today to see how TROUT can deliver your next project needs and help your team be the all-stars they are!